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Buck (male)

Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Brown, black & cream points. | MDGA# AMN084662 yrs

Not for Sale
The purebred new kid on the block.
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Black & tan buckskin, frosted ears. | MDGA# MN09828Under 1 yr

This guy has it all. He's black & tan with frosted ears and muzzle, white poll and patches on his sides. We're just hoping our new Purebred addition is able to breed this Fall rather than needing to...

Not for Sale
Sweetheart who has a Milking Star too!
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)chocolate & tan buckskin | MDGA# XN054274 yrs

I call this guy Boyfriend because I chose him to breed four of my 10 does this year. He did his job well because all are pregnant and besides, he is a sweetheart. Boyfriend is a 53.66% Nubian/46.34% ...

Not for Sale
Now gone but leaves a legacy.
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Tricolor w/ frosted ears & muzzle. | MDGA# MN045714 yrs

Aachen has moved on after three successful breeding seasons with us (still waiting on his last batch of kids) so his information is here for reference. He is a 57.45% Nubian/42.55% Purebred Miniature...

Not for Sale
Phoebe & Liam's Beautiful Boy
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Black & tan,white belly, blue eyes | MDGA# AMN059713 yrs

Willem is a fine example of an American Mini Nubian. He is 4th generation, 59.59% Nubian/40.41% Nigerian Dwarf. He was retained as a replacement for his sire who is no longer with us and brought eve...

Not for Sale
Our inquisitive Li'l Squirt.
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Black & white buckskin/frosted ears | MDGA# XN084671 yr

Not for Sale
One of our rising stars in the buck herd
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)Tan, black points, white belt/poll | MDGA# XN084701 yr

Blue Eyes Bustin' Out All Over!
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)black&white sandgau/frosted ears | MDGA# XN053514 yrs

Friendly, nice temperament, dam was my second best milker. Frankie has blue eyes and throws all blue eyed kids....

Our Herd Sire
Nubian - MiniBuck (male)black/white belly splash/blue eyes | MDGA# AMN05345, TMGR# BN001855 yrs

Liam is included here as a reference sire as he is no longer with us. He is a 54.49% Nubian/45.51% Nigerian Dwarf 4th generation buck. He was our herd sire for three years and moved on after the las...

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Doe (female)

Our Herd Queen
NubianDoe (female)Brown/frosted ears/white poll | ADGA# N15553158 yrs

Jessie is one of our foundation animals and the only one now retained as we concentrate on Miniature Nubians. She is a purebred Nubian. She is sweet natured, friendly, an excellent mother, and was t...

Not for Sale
RIP sweet baby girl.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Black & tan, white side splash. | MDGA# XN039075 yrs

Grace was named appropriately. She is a 75% Nubian/25% Nigerian Dwarf, 1st generation doe and so has more of the svelte Nubian look about her and everything she does seems dainty and delicate. As a ...

Not for Sale
Our best milker.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)black & tan | MDGA# XN04515*5 yrs 

Phoebe is a 63.12% Nubian/36.88% Nigerian Dwarf 3rd generation doe. Although we have not started formal milk production testing, Phoebe easily outdid my other first fresheners by providing up to thr...

Not for Sale
RIP our blue eyed diva.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)black & cream buckskin, white poll | MDGA# XN04516

Snowball is a 50% Nubian/50% Nigerian Dwarf 1st generation doe. She was born on a farm that hand raises all kids primarily as pets, so she is the friendliest and most social goat we have. As a first...

Not for Sale
Carmella's sweeter twin sister.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Black & white, brown roan tricolor. | MDGA# XN058283 yrs 

Not for Sale
The apple of her mother's eye.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)black & tan, blue eyes | MDGA# AMN053524 yrs 

Christabel is a 59.59% Nubian/40.41% Nigerian Dwarf 4th generation doe. She and her twin sister are the spitting image of their mother Phoebe and hopefully will continue her excellent milk production...

Not for Sale
Glamour girl with striking blue eyes.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)dark brown w/ black trim, blue eyes | MDGA# XN053504 yrs 

Dolly is a striking 77.25% Nubian/22.75% Nigerian Dwarf 1st generation doe. Although she has a high percentage of Nubian she is average size for a Mini Nubian and already shows many good breed charac...

Not for Sale
Our Beauty Queen
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Light red, black & cream points. | MDGA# AMN060183 yrs 

Not for Sale
Our beautiful little girl all grown up.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)tan w/ brown & white trim | MDGA# XN053494 yrs 

Juliet is a 77.25% Nubian/22.75% Nigerian Dwarf 1st generation doe. She shows many strong breed characteristics and has a very sweet disposition. MDGA registered....

$350 bred
Talk about attitude, Carmella's got it!
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)Black & tan buckskin. | MDGA# XN058293 yrs 

Not for Sale
Surprise FF is a phenomenal milker!
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)black & tan,tan ears, white on poll | MDGA# AMN066112 yrs 

Willow is a 5th generation doe, 58.52% Nubian/41.48% Nigerian Dwarf. Apparently she didn't want to wait and got into our newest F5 buck's pen while he and his brother were still in quarantine (all te...

Not for Sale
The pick of a beautiful set of triplets.
Nubian - MiniDoe (female)brown w/ dark brown & cream points | MDGA# XN059383 yrs 

Willa is a 78.72% Nubian/21.28% Nigerian Dwarf first generation Mini Nubian. In addition to her basic coloring, she has frosted ears and muzzle, a white poll, blue eyes, and nice conformation. ...

Not for Sale

Wether (male)

Striking, flashy coloring.
Nubian - MiniWether (male)Dark brown, broken beltUnder 1 yr

Fourth generation (F4) mini Nubian....

Available as a wether.

First Freshener (female)

Our flashy little girl.
Nubian - MiniFirst Freshener (female)Gold, dk brn/cream points,moonspots | MDGA# AMN080372 yrs 

Not for Sale
This girl's a beauty.
Nubian - MiniFirst Freshener (female)Black/lt. tan buckskin, white belt | MDGA# AMN080382 yrs 

Not for Sale
Nubian - MiniFirst Freshener (female)tan,black & cream points; blue eyes | MDGA# AMN066102 yrs 

5th generation doe, 58.52% Nubian/41.48% Nigerian Dwarf....

Not for Sale
The spittin' image of her daddy.
Nubian - MiniFirst Freshener (female)black and white buckskin | MDGA# AMN10345Under 1 yr

Ask for Price
Sleek as a racehorse.
Nubian - MiniFirst Freshener (female)black&tan,white spots on belly&feet | MDGA# AMN073382 yrs 

4th generation doeling, 60.29% Nubian/39.71% Nigerian Dwarf....

Not for Sale

Kid (male)

Great looks and a milking star to boot!
Nubian - MiniKid (male)black & tan buckskin, blue eyes | MDGA# AMN10344Under 1 yr

Handsome F4 buckling who will inherit a milking star when all the paperwork is done. All the work was worth it! ...

Not for Sale
This little guy is a real stunner.
Nubian - MiniKid (male)Black with moonspots | MDGA# AMN10343Under 1 yr

Camo has correct conformation, gorgeous coloring, blue eyes, and a gentle, friendly disposition to boot. What more can you ask for in a buck?...

Not for Sale

Kid (female)

Our first kid of 2019 and she's a beauty
Nubian - MiniKid (female)gold/cream buckskin | MDGA# XN10342Under 1 yr

2019 Breeding Chart We couldn't possibly let this one go! She will be retained here at Treestar Farm....

Not for Sale